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here are some answers to some commonly asked questions

Why is the Listel known as “Vancouver’s most art-full hotel”?

Robin Laurence, the visual art critic at the Georgia Straight dubbed us this a few years ago now and it stuck! She also called us a “cultural tourist’s dream” and we like that one too! What she noticed about the hotel is that it’s packed with original and limited edition art and is (as Wallpaper Magazine phrased it) also an “aesthetic delight”.

There are lots of great hotels in Vancouver – why would I choose The Listel Hotel?

You might first be attracted to the central location or you might also have heard about our wonderful and enthusiastic staff! But the best reasons to choose the Listel is because of our serious commitment to the city’s arts and cultural scene and our even more serious commitment to sustainability!

What is “zero waste” and how do your solar panels and heat capture program work?

Zero waste means that we are –

  • turning all of our organic waste into compost
  • reusing all our recyclables, and
  • converting our non-recyclables into electricity.

The Listel is now tapping into the sun’s abundant and easily-accessible alternative energy via solar thermal collectors to lower our heating costs and, most importantly, our carbon footprint. We expect to reduce our carbon gas emissions by 170 tons annually.

Our customized system employs equipment typically used as a ground-source heat pump. Such pumps exploit the steady underground temperature to provide seasonal heating and cooling. The Listel’s system however does not have an underground loop of liquid-filled tubing for geothermal exchange. Instead, the heat pump is connected to twenty solar collectors and a heat recovery system as well as a 20 ton air-to-water heat pump. The waste heat is collected from the cooling system (the air-conditioning chiller) to use as pre-heat for the domestic hot water and as heating support for the building. This enables our existing gas-fired boiler to run less, since the heat pump has a much better co-efficiency rate than a gas boiler.

Our Secure Gated Parking

  • Hotel parking is $29 per night (exclusive of 27.05% taxes (as of April 1, 2013), total with tax per night is $36.84)
  • This includes 24-hour secured gated valet parking
  • Unlimited in-and-out privileges
  • Lot clearance 6’6”; limited over-height parking available, please call for details
  • 27.05% taxes on parking??!! Yes, we know, it seems astronomical; however, 21% of that tax goes to TransLink, Vancouver’s regional transportation authority, so we try to think of it as directly contributing to the environment!

All taxes and fees are subject to change.

What taxes and fees does the hotel charge and what are they for?

All room rates are subject to 23% Taxes and Fees. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 5.38% GST (Goods and Services Tax) Federal Tax
  • 10.13% PST (includes Provincial General Sales Tax & Additional Hotel Room Tax)
  • 1.30% DMF (Destination Marketing Fee) Funding Directed to Regional Tourism Marketing
  • 6.19% FEE (Facility & Eco Fee) Our Facility & Eco Fee includes the following benefits:
  • Internet access (both wired or wireless);
  • Unlimited local telephone calls;
  • Unlimited long distance calls within Canada and the USA;
  • Unlimited faxes;
  • Black & white photocopying (to a maximum of 100 sheets per day); Computer kiosk with printer, Internet access and Microsoft Office applications;
  • Zero waste disposal (all waste disposed of in an ecologically responsible manner);
  • Morning newspaper (available upon request);
  • Fitness Centre in-house and/or access to Steve Nash Fitness World Express (three blocks from Hotel).

All taxes and fees are subject to change.

Are corporate or business meeting rooms available?

Yes, The Listel Hotel has Business Meeting Spaces that offer great flexibility in tailoring to specific business meeting space requirements.

For more information or have a personalized meeting quote to meet your accommodation budget and corporate meeting requirements, click here

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