The Listel Hotel ethos

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There are a lot of perfectly nice hotels in the world, but not all of them make good copy. A new room service menu and cookie-cutter guest rooms do not an engaging story make. The Listel Hotel is not one of those hotels.

Dubbed "Vancouver's most artful hotel* and “a cultural tourist’s dream*" The Listel Hotel is the city's most dynamic and interesting hotel. What is it that audaciously sets it apart from other hotels? In a word - art. Here are a few examples of how we've blended art and hospitality.

The Gallery Floors. These rooms are curated by the Buschlen Mowatt Gallery, Vancouver's most important gallery, credited with bringing the international art scene to Vancouver. Designed as individual galleries, featuring original and limited edition works by artists at the forefront of the international and regional art scene (more than 30 artists and 250 pieces in all), each room showcasing a single artist. No other hotel in North America has ever done anything like this. Many high-end hotels around the world have an art collection in their public areas but, typically, the art in the guest rooms is standard issue. The Listel’s isn’t.

The Museum Floors. These rooms feature "Northwest Coast art by Northwest Coast artists" and are a tribute to all things original and distinctly British Columbian. From the cedar headboards and armoires carved using traditional native techniques, to the textured shoji screen-esque window dressing, and the hand-forged ironworks these rooms showcase the work of many of the province's finest Northwest Coast artists. The colors are that of the forest floor, the theme in keeping with the hotel's commitment to art & elegance on Robson. The original art in these rooms is created by some of British Columbia's finest First Nations artists including Musqueam printmaker Susan Point, Tlingit artist Eugene Alfred and Kwakwaka'wakw potter Judy Cranmer.

Great food. In the newest addition to a vibrant West End dining scene, Chef Chris Whittaker pays homage to past traditions; finding exceptional local fare through farmer and fisher folk, preserving what he can for winter flavours, pairing dishes with local drink, all in a casual urban eatery. 

Location, location, location. We've got it. Close to absolutely everything, the city's favourite dining and shopping stroll. The place to be on a Saturday night whether it's a warm July night with a ice cream in your hand or early December as you scramble to find that last perfect Christmas present. Stanley Park, English Bay, the West End, the Vancouver Art Gallery - all the city's landmarks and "must do" sights are an irresistible walk away.

Books & music. As co-publisher of the best-selling book of short stories “The Vancouver Stories” and as producer of acclaimed jazz CD “Take Time”, The Listel Hotel does more than just dabble in the arts.

* Robin Laurence, Visual Arts Critic for the Georgia Straight and Canadian Art.

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.

Jawaharal Nehru