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Forage Catering

bringing the best to you

We’ve taken our fine food, award-winning wine list and enthusiastic service Outside and we're hitting the road to your office, home, backyard and favourite venue.

More than just a menu. Not only do we provide great food, we also have expert serving staff and can assist you with everything from original décor and flower arrangements, to choosing a venue and arranging rentals, entertainment and full bar service. Have a look at our current catering menus in pdf format.

Whether it’s an intimate dinner, a large gala or a casual summer barbeque, we promise you our undivided attention and endless creativity. For more information or to book your next event please contact: Allison Westbridge, Catering Manager here.

Business Meetings Catering
We also offer catered corporate meeting at The Listel Hotel. For more information or have a personalized catering and meeting quote to meet your budget and corporate meeting requirements, contact: Jacquie Bjorkes, Catering Manager @ The Listel Hotel here.

A dinner invitation, once accepted, is a sacred obligation. If you die before the dinner takes place, your executor must attend.

Ward McAllister - Society As I Have Found It - 1890

Jogging the stanley Park Seawall

Keeping Fit

We know that it can be difficult to maintain your exercise routine when travelling and our Fitness Facility has been fitted with this in mind. The essentials include treadmills, cycles and a complete universal gym for your workout. For guests wanting a more vigorous workout we also offer complimentary passes to Steve Nash Fitness World Express, located just three blocks away.

In addition to our Fitness Facility we recommend that you explore world-famous Stanley Park and Seawall. Rent a bike, go for a run, roller blade, check out the sculptures, ask us for suggestions in planning your route.

Fitness Facility